Advantages of Having a Double Boiler in Your Kitchen

Published: 20th October 2009
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It is every woman desire to have all essential kitchen appliances and apparatus. Majority of cooking activities can be done without a double boiler but the best chefs in the world and most cooks could not do without one. The advantages of having a double boiler in your kitchen are facts you cannot disprove.

A double boiler, also called bain marie, is a stove top apparatus which is used in delicate cooking. It consists of an upper vessel containing the substance to be cooked which is situated above a lower pot of water.

When water in the lower pot starts to boil, the steam is released which in turn provides heat against the bottom of the upper pot. The upper vessel must be well-fitted or else steams escapes. In this method, food placed inside the second pot is cooked by the heat of the stem coming from the boiling water of the lower pot.

The uses of a double boiler in your kitchen are illustrated in the following:

A double boiler allows eggs and other heat sensitive sauce ingredients, like beurre banc and Hollandaise, to heat slowly and evenly eliminating possibility of scorching or overcooking. Chocolates must always be melting in a double boiler for direct heat can cause temperature to rise too quickly and the consistency ruined. Custard and cheese cakes are cooked in a double boiler. Candy makers make use of double boiler to heat syrup so it maintains its viability before molding. Frozen mother's milk from the fridge can be heated in the double boiler. It also keeps food warm for a while.

A separate double boiler in the kitchen is used for melting the raw materials of wax and soap. Because the water rarely goes above 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius, wax and soap are prevented from scorching and solidifying before peojects.

Tips in handling your double boiler:

* Use a cooking mitt in holding the double boiler.

* If food gets too hot, simply lift off the top pan or bowl, until temperature is lowered.

* Since water in the lower pan quickly evaporates, keep a close watch over ite level.

Advantages of a double boiler :

1. It keeps temperature stability, allowing slow and even heating.

2. It cooks or heats fragile food to be placed directly on stove.

3. It is easy to use.

4. It prevents surface dehydration of sensitive preparations

5. It is versatile; it can be used in any kind of food preparation.

The uses and advantages of having a double boiler in your kitchen cannot be overlooked. It is an essential apparatus in the successful preparation of food for your family.

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